Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Advantec produces the following specialty  products:

  1. Phase Separating Filters
  • Separate aqueous and non-aqueous phases of mixtures
  • Hydrophobic filters retain aqueous phase while non-aqueous phase passes through
  • Two grades of paper. One is silicone treated cellulose and the other is pure PTFE


  1. Paper discs made of pure cellulose fibers with high absorbency. Three types are available for the following applications:
  • Antibiotic assay
  • Detection of Antimicrobial substances in Carcass
  • Detection of Benzylpenicillin in meat.


  1. Milk Sediment Discs made of long refined cotton fibers for the detection of contaminant in dairy products.


  1. Blaine Test Paper.
  • Standard for testing cement using the Blaine air permeation test
  • 7 mm diameter disc.


  1. Blood Sampling Paper ( Nobuto’s)
  • Collect blood on the narrow end of the strip and allow to dry on the convient drying rack for easy and efficient sample handling
  • Strip holds approximately 0.1ml. of blood or 0.04ml. of serum
  • High purity cellulose paper yields a fine, textile like structure ideal for uniform sampling
  • Dried samples can be analyzed , stored, or mailed without refrigeration

Typical blood collection applications;

  • Toxoplasmosis (HA)
  • Hanta Virus
  • New Castles Disease (HI)
  • Canine Distemper (VN)
  • Measels (Rubeola) (HI)
  • Japanese Encephalitis (HI,VN)
  • Mycoplasmosis (AG)
  • Hog Cholera (VN)